Tuesday, August 08, 2017

And What Do Ann, Irene, Dorothy and Norma All Have in Common, Besides Bob?

Okay ... four of Bob's ladies have birthdays this week.  Ann Harding and Irene Purcell share the 7th.  Dorothy Jordan's is the 9th and Norma Shearer's day is the 10th.  Well, one big Happy Birthday wish goes out to all four of you delightful ladies.  Just noticed Bob starred with Dorothy, Irene and Norma in 1931.  Wonder whose birthday invitation Bob would have accepted if he could attend only one party.  Ha.  Like he could have said no to a summons by Ms. Shearer.  Then too, in 1931 he would have found a way to attend all three parties!! 

                   Bob and Dorothy Jordan in Shipmates (1931)

I hate to pass up on a chance to use one of my Bob/Dorothy photos, there are so many great ones.  Such a good-looking couple.  The word beautiful does not come to mind first when I think of Ms. Jordan.  Cute does, she was so amazingly cute.  Beautiful comes to mind more often when I think of young Mr. Montgomery.  So, who do you think had more natural curls?  

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