Thursday, July 27, 2017

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

George Hurrell as photographer with Bob as the subject ... can't miss, another great photo.  This is one of several fine portraits taken to promote Riptide (1934).  Bob is maturing, all of 30 at the time.  The face is slightly fuller, having actually added a few pounds to his previously very slender frame.  The slight smile, a sparkle in his eyes ... Bob appears to be actually enjoying himself.  Maybe it's the thought of his upcoming four-month vacation before the filming of Hideout (1934). 

All of Bob's movies were made in glorious black and white.  Accordingly, all of his promotional photos were in black and white.  It would have been great if a few of his movies and/or a few photos had been shot in color.  For the most part, we have had to resort to the colorized print to see Bob in color.  Some, like the one below, work out okay.  He's pictured as a brunette, which is correct.  The suit is brown, a color right for the times and one of Bob's preferred suit colors.  There's just the one glaring problem, as it is for most of the colorized photos I have seen ... brown eyes, really???  Yikes, people.  It might as well be in black and white if you miss Mr. Montgomery's beautiful blue eyes!! 

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