Thursday, July 20, 2017

Were We Ever So Young

Photos taken from The Life of Robert Montgomery, a small paperback published in 1932 and basically a biographical article with plenty of photos, mostly stills from his movies.  There are a few photos of Bob off-screen, the two below both priceless. 

Bob at 16 and already the impeccable dresser.  The high white collar with tie, the watch fob.  A tall lad it would appear, a big hit with the girls I'm sure. 

                                            Bob at 16

It's eight years later and Bob is now appearing in his last Broadway play.  (He will direct and produce plays beginning in the 1940s, but never act in any.  Wonder why.)  Possession opened in October, 1928, and Bob was on the train to Hollywood that January.  It was simply Mr. Montgomery's impeccable (like that word) timing that he finds a measure of success on Broadway the same time talkies demand young talent with good voices.  And such a nice voice it was...

                    Bob and Edna Hibbard in Possession (1928)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Oh, Shuckie-Darns!!**

Sorry, folks.  Not your normal post for today.  I received this lovely notice from advising I am not able to use photos I have uploaded to my account on this blog site ... without paying them this outrageous sum.  I truly do not understand why I should have to pay to use my own photos on my own blog.  However, I do understand how a business could think differently than me and overrule any objections that I may have!  And we know who "wins" in these situations. 

I'll do a regular post Thursday, I have a few photos not on my Photobucket account.  Just not in the right mood tonight. 

** (Shuckie-Darns:  A quaint mid-20th century expression used in polite company, replacing  the more common "Oh, ****!) 

Friday, July 14, 2017

In Case You Haven't Heard ...

The is having a Christmas in July sale.  Most of their DVDs are on sale for 4 for $44. Great time to add to your Bob collection!  The sale is on through Tuesday, July 18th.

 You really need to have this one in your collection!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Think I'm Running Out of "Clever" Headings ...

Back to the post of a week ago ... there was a second lot of photos I purchased, this one all Bobs!  Once again not all the photos were treasures (for example, deteriorating stills from Eye Witness), but there were a number of great finds in my eyes.  The photo below may be showing its age, but it is such a lovely, unusual shot of Bob. 

                                               Bob in 1933

It is by Hurrell and a number of great photos came out of the same session.  The most famous one is below, the over-inked copy available as a poster from various outlets.  Not to complain about it, just to in part explain the difference in the two photos.  I happen to have the poster print framed and hanging on the wall above my computer desk.  He is just such a gorgeous dude at this time ... handsome, confident with just a touch of a smirk, as if to say:  "Can you believe how much these people are paying me for this?" 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Salt Shaker - Leading Cause of Bloody Noses

Just in case you've actually never seen it, or would simply like to have a copy of it for your library, TCM is showing Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941) tomorrow, July 12th, at 9:45 p.m. PDT (12:45 a.m. EDT). 

Smith is a fun movie and whereas Alfred Hitchcock is listed as the director, I have never thought of him as doing little more than saying Action and Cut when it came to Bob's and Carole's scenes.  They were, after all, two of the best comedic actors in the movies and Mr. Hitchcock was not a master of American comedies. 

               Bob and Carole Lombard in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941)

Best scenes (per this totally unbiased reviewer):  David and Ann return to Mama Lucy's for a romantic dinner (David: "I'd give five bucks to see that cat take a sip of that soup."); and the nightclub scene wherein David tries everything to avoid Ann's seeing him with his, errr, not classy date.  Bob's bit re giving himself a bloody nose with a salt shaker ... absolute perfection.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Such a Gorgeous Sight to See!

So I am strolling through picture lots that are occasionally up for auction on (If you haven't heard of the site, do check it out.  You can trust them, no hit-or-miss like on eBay.)  Some of the lots are huge, I concentrate on lots from the 30s to 50s which are generally smaller and look for gems --- think Bob movies. 

I had begun checking out lot #6m262, 30 stills from movies of the 30s and 40s.   All 30 photos are shown in an overview ... and I see it.  Bob's face jumps out of a sea of stills.  It's a still from Hell Below (1933).  Well, make my day!  I put a bid in, won the lot for only $17 and rejoiced.**  Such a deal. 

Such a gorgeous sight to see ...

** Of course there is the problem of dealing with the other 29 photos.  Anybody want a photo of Fred MacMurray in 1945's Captain Eddie?  No?  How about Fibber McGee and Molly in Here We Go Again?  I have such deals for you!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Have a Fantastic Fourth!

So, let's go out and do our part!!!  I'll have a bonfire going in my trusty grill to barbecue some pork ribs.  That'll be after a couple hours in the pool so I'll be cool enough to handle standing over a fire in 100+ heat!  Doesn't sound like the most rational thing to do, but it is a tradition, part of many good memories.  With more to come!  Hopefully for you as well.  Enjoy.  (Don't forget to display your flag!)