Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Best Birthday Wishes for Ms Davis

Tomorrow, April 5th, is the birthday of Bette Davis, former co-star and sparring partner of Mr. Montgomery.  The photo below is one great example of professionalism offered by two actors who just did not get along.  Bob and Bette looking longingly into each others eyes?  Now that's acting! 

                       Bob and Bette Davis in June Bride (1948)

Now this is more like it.  The photo caption states they were not really arguing, just going over their roles for the movie ... right. 

Whatever, I am glad they overcame their differences enough to make the surprisingly enjoyable movie.  Bob's drinking scene with Tom Tully is simply priceless. 

Have you been watching Feud on FX?  As with anything to do with Hollywood, there is a lot of blurring of faction and fiction.  As in so what, it's great fun.  Susan Sarandon appears to be channeling Ms. Davis.  Jessica Lange has the more difficult role as Joan Crawford.  It is possible to characterize Joan's appearance, but her personality?  I have a difficult time imagining her as a real person, but mostly see images of characters she played on the screen.  Perhaps that's just me.  Love Kathy Bates' portrayal of Joan Blondell, one classy broad.  And Stanley Tucci is having way too much fun portraying Jack Warner. 

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