Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Three Funny People and One Great Songwriter

Bea Lillie was a very, very funny lady.  I remember her from The Jack Paar Show (Hey, I was a very precocious movie/TV fan!)  She must have been a pure joy on the stage.  One can only imagine the 'flipper' jokes she had in this play ...

              Beatrice Lillie in the stage play Inside U.S.A. (1948)

Hoagy Carmichael has, as of 2016, 327 soundtrack credits listed on IMDB.  There will be more, his music is wonderfully timeless.  Hoagy was in a handful of movies, usually playing the piano player.  I don't think Mr. Carmichael found this to be very exciting. 

                      Hoagy Carmichael in Canyon Passage (1946)

In the early 1930s, Jack Oakie was a highly successful comedic actor.  He starred in one of the funniest movies ever made, Million Dollar Legs (1932).  Andy Devine mastered the role as the funny sidekick in many a western.   I do not remember seeing That's the Spirit, but I am sure the two pros were superb, as always. 

           Andy Devine and Jack Oakie in That's the Spirit (1945)

I was trying for smiles here.  If you smiled even once, my day has been made!  


Debbie said...

I adore Hoagy Carmichael. As you well know, I also adore Harrison Ford. How tickled was I when while watching Ford's film "Morning Glory" (hilarious, by the way), they had during a scene an original recording of Mr. Carmichael singing "Two Sleepy People". They had Mr. Ford singing it right before. I love Harrison, but a singer he is not. (Of course the film is a comedy.) lolol Anyway, NO ONE can sing Carmichael like Carmichael can. That's a FACT.

Charles Callahan said...

How About Johnny Mercer?

Kathy said...

LOL...you worked Harrison into a Carmichael reference!!! A slight difference in opinion: Johnny Mercer singing the songs he wrote with Hoagy, i.e., Lazybones and In the Cool, Cool of the Evening --- just superb!! Whatever, I'm a big fan of both. Amazing talents.

Debbie said...

OK, I agree. Mercer is a national treasure as well! But, you know, I'm a Hoosier so it's going to be Hoagy first, then Johnny. (And I'm obsessed so I will listen to Ford sing. It's awful, but love makes you do stupid things! lololololololo

Kathy said...

Hey, Charles! I like your taste in music ... Listening to my Johnny Mercer radio on Pandora right now. (Hope you didn't think I was ignoring you in my prior comment. Comments from followers need to be reviewed and attached by Carrie, so my comments may appear out of sync.) So, it's two votes for Mercer, one for Carmichael!