Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Where's Bob? And Some This 'N That

Greetings to Jack Flynn ... wonder who he was?  I am guessing the card is from 1940, or there about. 

Sorry about the small size of the picture below, and it's not the greatest drawing of Bob.  I found him by looking for his hairline ... 

This is "Red Feather" by Winslow Homer, a gift to the Wadsworth Atheneum of Hartford, CT, by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Montgomery.  Bob wasn't much of a modern art enthusiast. 

This small blurb is from the September 16th, 1933, issue of Film Pictorial.  The concept of 'working titles' must have been confusing for fans awaiting the release of Transcontinental Bus, when the title has been changed to Fugitive Lovers.  At least it was a better title, as was Mystery of Mr. X an improvement over Mystery of the Dead Police

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