Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Happy Birthday, Ms. Loy!

Myrna Williams was born August 2nd, 1905 in Helena, MT.  I'm glad she changed her name to Loy.  Myrna Loy.  A distinctive name for a distinctive lady, one of a kind.

                       Bob and Myrna in When Ladies Meet (1933)

Bob and Myrna became close friends during the filming of When Ladies Meet.  Two very bright, fun-loving people enjoying each other's company.  Unfortunately, the friendship does not last, politics apparently got in the way.  Too bad.

Myrna's autobiography, "Being and Becoming", is one of the better movie star books.  That is rather fitting for Myrna.

Favorite Loy quote:  "Some perfect wife I am.  I've been married four times, divorced four times, have no children, and can't boil an egg."  

When Ladies Meet is one of the movies shown on Bob's day on TCM.  Yeah, 14 Bob movies in a row.  Fantastic.  And two more of his movies will be shown in August.  Haunted Honeymoon (1940) will be shown on Constance Cummings' day on the 24th and Three Loves Has Nancy (1938) is included on Janet Gaynor's day on the 12th.  Many thanks to TCM!!  (TCM also has Going Hollywood (1933) listed as a Bob movie.  That's a tad misleading, he only appears briefly in archival footage.  It's still a fun movie.)


Debbie said...

Great post from a great lady to a great lady! Those of us who adore Bill Powell also adore Myrna. Two exceptional people!!!! By the way, guess who won the fan contest for who will be the Star of the Month on TCM in December? Well, it wasn't Bette Davis!

Carrie said...

Good catches on the extra Bob movies this month! And I just realized I really don't know much on Ms. Loy...interesting stuff!

Kathy said...

Did you guys notice that it's Bette Davis Day the day before Bob's? Bob must be shuddering in his grave.