Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bob (in) White

Bob dressed well.  No matter the sport he participated in (and there were many) Bob wore the latest and most stylish outfits available.  Playing tennis he, of course, wore all white:  white shirt, white sweater, white pants, white socks, white shoes ...  Coats were an essential item in his wardrobe, not sure if he was cold natured or just realized how good he looked in them.  Below he is carrying a jacket, more fitting for tennis than his usual coat. 

                        Young Mr. Montgomery at home c. 1930. 

You may recognize the interesting steps of his home at 2815 No. Beechwood Drive, Hollywood, CA.  I'll once again refer you to the great article on the website Hollywoodland.  It includes a photo of Bob standing on the steps in the same outfit, so I'm assuming they were taken the same day.  There is one interesting difference.  The street number is in its entirety on the other photo, whereas only the "15" shows (very faintly) in the upper right corner of this postcard.  I'd imagine someone realized it was not a particularly great idea to let the world know the location of their star's home.  (I, of course, would Never track down Bob's home ... Not!)  

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Nice find!