Wednesday, July 06, 2016

And This Handsome Gent Is??

Hint:  He served in both the Spanish-American war (at 16) and WWI ... that doesn't help, eh?   How about he was primarily a writer when he began his career in Hollywood, before becoming a superb character actor.  And, he appeared in one movie with Bob.  I know, this is all too easy for you, but isn't it a great photo!


Debbie said...

Looks like a very young James Gleason to me.

Debbie said...

Oh yeah, and James Geason actually appeared in two movies with Bob. Blondie of The Follies and Here Comes Mr. Jordan.

Kathy said...

Eek! Yes, you are so correct. On both counts! I just knew there was something wrong early this a.m. when I hit the enter button... Next time I'll listen to myself!