Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Thou Shalt Not --- ! (OK, OK...)

What's not to like about a good pre-code movie.  Sex, Sin and Violence ... just great stuff!  Not that they were anything like today's movies, far from it.  They did leave a lot to the audience's imagination, not having every little detail shoved in one's face.  

                             Sari Maritza and Gene Raymond

Forgotten Commandments (1932) apparently had plenty of sex and sin, all taking place in Russia.  Gene Raymond and Marguerite Churchill are a young peasant couple who go to the big city where Gene is brainwashed by a communist professor and vamped by an atheist, Sari Maritza.  So ... sex, sin and some early propaganda.  What's not to like! 

                          Gene Raymond and Marguerite Churchill

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