Thursday, June 02, 2016

Roz and Debbie, Two Classy Dames

This post is dedicated to Debbie, our "staff", for helping to keep the blog going in my absence.  Debbie is a big Bob fan, of course, as well as Rosalind Russell.  Roz made five movies with Bob:  Forsaking All Others (1934), Trouble for Two (1936), Night Must Fall (1937), Live, Learn and Love (1937) and Fast and Loose (1939).  It was a great pairing, they were so comfortable together.  Fast and Loose is a great example of this, their effortless performances as a married couple is the best part of the movie by far. 

                 Bob and Rosalind Russell in Fast and Loose (1939)

I have always admired Roz for her long and successful career, as well as the very decent person she was.  A devout Catholic, Roz practiced and lived by her beliefs in Hollywood, the last place you would expect a woman could succeed without lapses in morality.  Roz was indeed unique.

Roz starred in some of my all-time favorite movies, including The Women (1939), His Girl Friday (1940), Picnic (1955), Auntie Mame (1958) and Gypsy (1962).  Great performances all, but I am particularly partial to her performance in Auntie Mame.  A great role and a great actress at her zenith rolled into one.  I cannot see it without feeling better about life, and for that I am most grateful.  Thanks, Roz.  You were one classy dame. 


Debbie said...

Thanks Kathy! How sweet of you, and how sweet to be even mentioned with the likes of Roz. She has always been a favorite of mine and also a role model. I agree with you about "Auntie Mame". An upper if there ever was one! Thanks again buddy!!!!!!!

Carrie said...

Thanks for helping on the blog, Debbie! Much appreciated:)

Debbie said...

You are very welcome guys! I've had a blast!