Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Faithless Trumps Forsaking All Others

I always thought this was a publicity photo for Forsaking All Others (1934), with Bob and Joan in a beautiful car looking bored out of their minds.  I have a 10 x 13 print, just gorgeous.  Recently, I happened to notice the MGM photo ID number in the lower right corner.  638 is the number given the movie Faithless (1932).  So that's Tallulah Bankhead in the car being bored along with Bob. 

I watched both movies to make sure I had the right movie (what I force myself to do for the sake of research!)  Besides thoroughly enjoying watching them once more, I discovered that neither movie has the above scene in them, not even that fantastic car.  Joan does wear a white outfit in Forsaking All Others, but the car she and Bob use is a two door model.**  Faithless doesn't even have a scene with Bob and Tallulah in a car, much less Tallulah in a white outfit. 

So, another scene that didn't make it into a movie.  What a waste.  They should have kept it in, so we could enjoy that car, if nothing else. 

**For some unknown reason, the car used in Forsaking All Others has the steering wheel on the right side of the vehicle.  Really looks odd to see Bob and Joan in a process shot with Bob behind the wheel on the left side of the screen.


Hollywood Abstractor said...

I like your Montgomery movie page. Some interesting articles that you have posted...truly impressive. We also have a Robert Montgomery page....and would like to attach a link to your page from our page.


Carrie said...

Thanks for the plug - and neat post, interesting to see the stats (in a sortable format, too!)

Hollywood Abstractor said...

Hey Carrie. I know my link is sending a huge Robert Montgomery fan your way. So when you see a comment from Flora....know it came from sharing that link.

Glad you liked our table....glad to see you found the sort button....it makes that a fun table to look at....sometimes no matter how many times I mention that it is sortable not many people seem to realize it.


Carrie said...

Eyes peeled! Lol, I geek out on web tech, so the sorting is up my alley!