Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mr. Montgomery!

                         Robert Montgomery in 1932 by Hurrell

It's not that I almost forgot Bob's birthday, more correctly I barely realize what month it is.  Nine weeks of waiting for our house to be repaired (after it flooded out due to a plumbing failure) is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.  Repairs are finally complete and now we get to put everything back in order.  Our house is really a media center, more DVDs, DVRs, VHS tapes, CDs and books than more rational people can imagine.  And nothing is in order ... sigh.

Promise this will be the last time I bring this up, but must share one more thing about it all.  The morning of our flooding, after calling for help and being told the cleaning/restoration guys would be at the house within the hour, we started grabbing items for our exile.  While my husband pulled out suitcases and starting packing clothes, etc., I grabbed some storage boxes and began packing up my Bob items to be taken to higher ground.  I mean, there are priorities in life.

Most importantly ... Happy Birthday, Mr. Montgomery.  And, as always, thanks for the many hours of good feelings you brought to our lives.  Always good wishes ...

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