Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Setting the Mood **

Have you ever noticed that some movie sets stick in your mind and add to why you love a certain film?  I have always loved films that have a small apartment setting.  There is something so cozy about scenes that take place in a character's little apartment.  Some of my favorites include:

Ingrid Bergman's apartment in 1958's "Indiscreet"

Or Katherine Hepburn's in 1957's "Desk Set"

How about Gene Tierney's apartment in 1944's "Laura"

And then of course there is Jack Lemmon's apartment in 1960's "Apartment"

Or Lauren Bacall's apartment in 1947's "Dark Passage"

One of my favorites isn't an apartment at all but a chalet.  Who can forget Norma Shearer's chalet from 1931's "Private Lives"

Or for that matter how she and Bob destroyed it!

** A mood so excellently presented by guest blogger Debbie

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