Thursday, March 10, 2016

Falling For Your Co-Star

(Bill Powell and dogs ... must be another post by Debbie!!)

In Hollywood, it is not unusual for a star to fall for his or her co-star.  It happens all the time.  Always has. 

Sometimes it works out and sometimes not.  During the 1934 filming of  "The Thin Man", actor William Powell lost his heart to a co-star.  No, it wasn't Myrna Loy, although Bill and Myrna became close friends and remained friends for the rest of Powell's life.  No, Bill fell for his four-legged co-star, Skippy, a.k.a. Asta.

The adorable wire-haired fox terrier became a hot property for his owners, comedienne Gale Henry and her MGM property master husband Henry East.  Besides playing "Asta" in the first four "Thin Man" films, the dog worked in such films as 1938's "Bringing Up Baby", 1937's "The Awful Truth" and 1938's "Topper Takes a Trip".  While most canine actors brought in $60 a week, Skippy earned $250 a week for his owners.  It was a nice sum during the 1930s for even human actors.  So, when Henry East was approached by William Powell wanting to purchase Skippy for a rumored great sum of money, he was turned down.  Skippy worked for the Easts from 1934 to 1941.  By the way, because the Easts had to disappoint the charming Mr. Powell, they presented him with a dachshund puppy to be named Jerry. 

Gotta love a man who loves dogs!!!!!

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