Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Young and Beautiful Bob Montgomery

Snarfed up this photo of a soon to be 27-year-old Bob not long ago.  Mr. Hurrell did himself proud in this photo shoot.  Those eyes ... something else.  The photo was taken for Man in Possession (1931). 

I knew when I purchased it that it was a sister photo to "Bob with Straw Hat."  Bob hasn't moved, just the hat added. 

Then I realized this fan card was from the same shoot.  Almost the same pose, just a tad to one side.  And there's a hint of a smile.  Seems to look younger. 

I kept looking and lastly found this clipping.  Love the smile, from both the mouth and the eyes.  He probably realized the photo shoot was finally over.


Debbie said...

KInda makes your mouth water, huh? YUM!

Kathy said...

Oh, yes, indeed. YUM sums it up just about right.