Tuesday, February 02, 2016

IMDB Gives This Movie an 8.0 .....What??

Bob and Marion Davies sitting down in Ever Since Eve (1937).

Marion and Bob standing up.

Bob and Marion sitting down.

And this is about as entertaining as the movie gets.  Eve was Marion's last movie, which this movie guaranteed.  Marion is 40 years old and simply looks her age, way past being able to play the young femme fatale.  Both she and Bob were unhappy about being cast in this almost B movie.

Bob had just completed Night Must Fall, a movie he had had to fight long and hard for.  Eve was the studio's payback for the trouble he caused.  Hoping for some more serious roles, he was once again cast as the young playboy, although Bob is 33 and looking his age.  There is a reason all three of the above stills are mid-range shots:  both stars are mature human beings, not the ever so youthful people that were the standard of beauty and handsomeness for the time. 

Now, I wouldn't say there was no reason to watch the movie.  I could never say that about a Montgomery film.  Bob isn't embarrassing himself by putting in a poor performance, but the zeal is missing.  And a 33-year-old Bob is still a very handsome man, as is a 43-year-old Bob, a 53-year-old Bob ...

As to the 8.0 rating by IMDB ... if you read the user reviews on the site, the high ratings come from Marion Davies super fans.  That may explain the 8.0 in part.  The rest is pure mystery.   Night Must Fall gets a 7.3 rating, as does They Were ExpendableThe Man in Possession comes in at 7.2 and Here Comes Mr. Jordan at 7.3.  In no way is Eve better or even comparable to these movies.  I do believe IMDB needs to check its calculations, 8.0 is just so out of line.  

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