Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bob's a Big Hit Among the Ladies in Minneapolis

Bob traveled a lot of miles in support of the Republican Party.  Here he is in Minneapolis, guest speaker at the Convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, May 15, 1952.  This was during the years of Robert Montgomery Presents, broadcast live on Monday nights.   Giving a speech in Minneapolis on a Thursday night and being back in New York City to prepare for his show displays a real dedication to the cause. 

Bob was part of the "Draft Eisenhower" movement, making at least two trips to France to meet with Eisenhower, who was serving as the NATO Supreme Commander.  Eisenhower took some convincing to run for the presidency and did not resign his commission until May 31, 1952, at which point he began campaigning full time.  He was nominated at the Republican Convention held July 7 - 11, 1952.  That's right folks, a campaign that lasted all of five weeks!!  If only that were the case now.

Now, I do not mean to make it sound like Bob had a significant role in Eisenhower's decision to run for the Presidency, just want to show the extent of Bob's involvement in Republican politics.  What I can say for sure is that the ladies of the Fed. of Women's Clubs were quite happy to meet and shake hands with our Bob. 


Amanda said...

To bad I was born decades later. I certainly would have shown up if Bob came to my home state.

Kathy said...

Amanda - I do understand that. Perhaps in a parallel universe, we could have met and gone together to see Bob. I know a couple people who would have joined us. A girl's night out with Bob! Sounds just great, doesn't it.