Saturday, October 03, 2015

Two More Bob Movies to be Released on DVD

I need to check WBshop more often.  There are two Bob movies being released on DVD on October 6th!  Both are co-starring Helen Hayes, Vanessa:  Her Love Story (1935) and Another Language (1933).  

Vanessa is both dated and severely cut from it's original length, only the early TV edited version exists.  (At least that's my assumption, will delve into that in a later post.)  But it's worth a viewing, if only to see Bob in a period piece and some nifty outfits.  Yes, he was a well-dressed man in almost all circumstances.  

Another Language is the better movie.  It is also very much a Helen Hayes movie with a supporting cast including our Bob as her husband who is still under the domination of his mother.

(On a personal note, I finally figure out how to place the text of the blog alongside a photo and darn if I can get it to work with a second photo.  Maybe in another four years...)


Robert F said...

TCM just showed "Vanessa". I saw it for the first time. I thought it looked kind of cut up. it's just not one of RM's best. The Mother Hallum character makes "Another Language" hard for me to watch.

I am grateful these two RMmovies will be released digitally, but wish they were part of a set like"Robert Montgomery Collection Vol. 2"

Carrie said...

Glad to see Another Language on the list- one of my favs.

You might be having issues with the second image because there isn't enough text to wrap around it. Sometimes these admin tools get stupid too easy.

Kathy said...

Hi, agreement with you re the mother in Another Language. Louise Closser Hale started in the theater in the 19th century, her acting style reflects that. Same could be said for Mary Robson in Vanessa. I'm working on a post re Vanessa. I'm sure it was a much better movie shown in its entirety. And, yes, a Montgomery Vol.2 is an excellent idea!!

Carrie...thanks for the thought on my text problem. I'll keep working on it. You know how much I love messing with computers....