Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Commander Bob serving in the USNR

Bob joined the U.S.N.R. in April, 1941, eight months before the U.S. entered WWII, and was released from active duty in October, 1945.  He stayed on as a reservist until at least 1959, the Captain's uniform he wears as an extra in The Gallant Hours was his!

I'm guessing the photo below is fairly representative of the duties he performed.  Then Commander Montgomery is shown presenting a model of the frigate Constitution to Commander William Collins and the crew of the "Mod 89," the first of two prototypes of the Lockheed RV Constitution transport plane, on July 22, 1948.  The plane was massive, 50 feet to the tip of the tail.  It also proved to be underpowered for the Navy and, at that time, too large for civilian use.  Both planes were retired in 1953.

Can't imagine Bob signing up for the Army, their unforms were just no way as classy as the Navy's.  Besides, I'm sure the navy blues set off Bob's blue eyes just great.  Well, his love of sailing had perhaps a tad more influence on his decision. 


Debbie said...

Great close-up of our beloved grin!

Carrie said...

Very cool shot. The airplane fan in me appreciates the post!

Kathy said...

Debbie - yeah, that's a good one. Can't have too many.

Carrie - twas thinking of you when I did the post. It was interesting reading up on the plane, one big critter.