Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Willinger This Time, Not Hurrell

These two photos were taken in the same photo session by Lazlo Willinger.  Taken in late 1939, they were used to promote The Earl of Chicago, released on January 5, 1940.  Bob is 35 at this time, beginning the transition from youthful beauty to middle-aged handsome. 

It is always interesting to me how a photographer can change the look of a subject with lighting, positioning of the subject, or a little touching up of the final picture.  In the above photo, Bob's face appears more angular.  His eyebrows are slightly arched, causing his forehead lines to be more prominent.  It is a stronger, more competent Bob.  More the serious man he had become, much less the movie star. 

In the photo below, Bob's face is softer.  The eyebrows are lowered, the forehead lines are barely visible.  There is the hint of a smile in his eyes, he is not as formidable.  It is a friendlier Bob, still the movie star.  

Or to put it all more succinctly, Bob was one handsome man. 


3rdplanet said...

Hi! Commenting under a random Bob post because I can't find the one I'm looking for and it's about his New York apartment. I think the post is several months old, but I recall there was an address somewhere in there among many photos of a similar apartment (though I might be mistaken). I'm off to the Big Apple next week and would love to see the building ... I'd be glad if you could look up the address for me. In return, I'll share some photos when I get back. ;) If there's anything else Bob-related in NYC, let me know. You are the expert! Thanks in advance.

Kathy said...

Fantastic! Bob hunting in NYC...love it! The townhouse address is 19 E. 72th St. If you're on foot, photos of the lobby would be great...if you can get in that is. The Racquet Club at 370 Park Ave is where Bob hung out, particularly in the 1950s, to play baccarat and swim, his main exercise. It's an exclusive all men's club...no getting into that lobby! His office in the 1950s was at 140 W. 58th St, he was there during his NBC years at least. He also had an office at 745 Fifth Ave, in the mid-60s I believe. Wish the Stork Club was still around. They're all not that far apart and in the upper east side so plenty of other places to see. Oh, and RM Presents was filmed at 30 Rockefeller Center, but I think we've all seen that building a time or two. AND, he directed "The Desperate Hours" at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, 243 w. 47th St. There, that should keep you busy!! How nifty to trod around where Bob was. Enjoy your visit.