Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Well...Almost Perfect!

I really cannot imagine how many photos of Bob were printed over his lifespan.  Just think of all the great portraits of young Bob that were taken and prints made that were distributed to magazines, newspapers, theaters and, of course, thousands of fans.  And 85 years later, how few remain.  Or should I say, how few remain for public consumption.  I am sure there are oodles of Bobs squirreled away in private collections that we will never see.  All boxed up and rarely, if ever, viewed and appreciated.  And, yes, I have a few I have not shared with you as yet.  But, you will see them over time.  Promise. 

I do not have many original young Bobs, darn it.  Most had already been snarfed up before I started collecting.  The portrait below is an example of what I have been able to obtain.  It is an original, no doubt about that, used in a publication.  If only the newspaper/magazine layout person had not outlined Bob with a grease pen.

The outline is not quite as noticeable once coloring has been removed.  Still...

But, hey, it is a great portrait.  Taken in 1929, it was used to promote Their Own Desire.  Bob is 25 at the time, just ever so gorgeous.  So, I just need to stop complaining and appreciate how fortunate I am to have it. 

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