Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's Those Bedroom Eyes!!

********  This post was written by guest blogger Debbie, who besides being a fan of our Bob, has an equal appreciation for Mr. Powell.  That's understandable...two classy and debonair gents! **********
William Horatio Powell was born July 29, 1982 in Pittsburgh, PA.  He started his Hollywood career in 1922 playing small roles in silents.  But this post won't just be a mini biography of his career.  I will attempt to explain the reason I'm so fascinated with him.

It can't be his looks, although I love the heavily lidded "bedroom eyes" with the, oh so long lashes.  No, I can't say Powell was handsome.  Distinguished is certainly a better way to describe him.  He was polished, well spoken, well dressed and always, always a gentleman.  But I think his humor is what draws me.  The man could be really funny!

Who doesn't love Nick Charles from the Thin Man series (1934 thru 1947) with the wonderful Myrna Loy, or Bill Chandler from Libeled Lady (1936) with Loy and Jean Harlow, or Clay Dalzell from Star of Midnight (1935) with Ginger Rogers, or Ned Riley from Reckless (1935) with Jean Harlow or Godfrey from My Man Godfrey (1936) with Carole Lombard?  I could go on and on with my favorite roles that showed the wonderful humor of William Powell.

I guess I also love the fact that Powell was such a nice man.  I have never read an unkind word about him from the people he worked with.  And how many men remained friends with both his ex-wives (Eileen Wilson 1915-1930 and Carole Lombard 1931-1933), was the man Jean Harlow called "the love of her life" and was married to his third wife Diana Lewis for 44 years (1940-1984) until his death.  Not to mention being a very close friend of his most frequent leading lady Myrna Loy.  They got along so well and were so compatible on screen that the public thought they were actually married.  Not bad.

So, Happy Birthday, Bill!  From Philo Vance to Nick Charles to Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr to Doc in Mister Roberts (1955), his last role, he was always a delight to watch and apparently also a delightful man.


Carrie said...

Welcome aboard, Debbie!! Bill is a fascinating person when you just think about who he was married to. I can only imagine what he went through when Jean died. Geez, reading this makes me want to dig out my Thin Man box set now!

Kathy said...

I have this urge to watch "Mr. Roberts" for the umpteenth time. Just love Bill in the "Doc" role, watching an old pro do his thing. Great movie to go out in.

So, Debbie, what are you writing about next? Myrna Loy's birthday is August 2nd ... oh, is that too soon?

Debbie said...

Thanks guys, but it's hard to write a bad post about such a great guy. I sometimes wonder if Bill married Diana Lewis as quickly as he did because he felt guilty for not marrying Jean before she died. Maybe he decided he wasn't going to make the same mistake again by hesitating. Who knows.