Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day, A Day of Remembrance

My Dad was an Army grunt in WWII.  He made getting shot in the Battle of the Bulge into a humorous story.  It really wasn't.  He was an unremarkable farm boy from Missouri who left his wife and infant son behind to travel to war in a foreign land.  He was one of many, so many, who simply did what they were asked, served their country and, by doing so, became remarkable for their sacrifices.

The picture below of Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery was taken soon after his return home from serving in the Pacific.  He looks tired and every day of his 39 years of age, the surface effects of war.  He was one of the remarkable many who to this day continue to amaze us by their service.  We all owe them our thanks, and the least we can do is remember them.


Carrie said...

Thank you to your father and all veterans for their service!

Debbie said...

My husband has a purple heart from Nietnam nad my dad fought in WWII. I bless them both everyday and all like them. Thank you!

Kathy said...

I consider it an honor to have been able to write that brief piece on their behalf.