Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Desperate hours (1955)

Bob may not have gotten an Oscar, but he did receive both an Emmy for Robert Montgomery Presents (Best Dramatic Series) and a Tony for The Desperate Hours (Best Direction of a Dramatic Play).  Nothin' shabby about our Bob.

The February, 1955 issue of Theatre Arts has an article by Bob, and features photos of Director Bob reading through the script with the cast of The Desperate Hours. The photos are small and not the best quality ... sorry, there's not much about the play out there.  The man with Bob is Joseph Hayes, who adapted his book for the play.  Ahhh, the 50s ... men in suits and smoking cigarettes in a meeting.  Do note the pack of cigarettes are Lucky Strikes, of course. 

The photo below shows Bob reading to the assembled cast.  If you squint your eyes, you can make out Karl Malden (far left), Paul Newman (light-colored sweater) and Bob (far right). 

Paul Newman:  A Life by Shawn Levy discusses the young, liberal,  Method actor Newman and his experience with conservative, traditional actor Mr. Montgomery:   ... Newman peppered Montgomery with inquiries about his character's motivations; questioning the logic of a stage direction to move around a table, he was told testily, "Damn it!  Because there's no place else to go!"  "Mr. Montgomery and I never saw eye to eye on any particular thing," Newman confessed.  "He's a very bright guy, but we had personality clashes."  You think! 

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