Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liz and Actress Tania Fedor

Before it is gone again...someone uploaded the "Elizabeth Montgomery A&E Biography" on YouTube a couple weeks ago.  For Robert Montgomery watching, check out Part 1 and the first minute or so of Part 5.  The color portrait of Bob they show while talking about his death is a wanna have.  Being nearly computer illiterate, I don't know how to set up a direct link to the site...sorry.

Have also run across a photo of Bob on the net worth going the long way around to find.  Do a google search for "Tania Fedor" and check out her images.  The photo with Bob is in the second row.  It's a copyrighted site so I can't just show you the photo.  Fedor was a French actress who came stateside in 1930 to make a film at Paramount.  Would love to have seen them together in a movie. 

Update: Here's the link to part 1 on the Tube.

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