Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Favorite

Kathy is filling again as CM guest blogger....

I love Bob and James Cagney photos, their deep and lasting friendship captured by the camera.  And Bob in uniform.  Tuxes and military uniforms, flattering to most men, Bob at his best.  So, you combine the two and you have one of my favorite photos, a publicity shot for The Gallant Hours. Two old pros, Bob on the set of his last movie and Cagney's second to last. (Jim gives his final CAGNEY performance in One, Two, Three - excellent movie, a superb turn of acting by Jim, what a note to go out on.  Those movies he made in the 80's...well, I do hope they made an old man feel good for the doing.)

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Debbie said...

I too love Montgomery/Cagney photos. Thanks so much for this one!