Friday, August 26, 2011

Robert Montgomery - Harvey White Portrait

Harvey White, Robert Montgomery
Also in Mick LaSale's Dangerous Men book, this photo is labeled as an unretouched Harvey White photo.


Bob52104 said...

Finally ran across another Robert photo taken from a downward angle and it's not flattering either. Do you know when it was taken? I'm guessing '33. I've been trying to organize portraits chronologically, somewhat of a challenge, particularly the early years with so many photo shoots and each bringing out different qualities of his face. And such a nice face it was...

Carrie said...

I'm curious, what is the other photo you have?

My guess is the photo is mid 30s, but the angle could be making him look older. If you look at his other Harvey White, he looks younger than this one IMO.

The tie design is always a good clue in determining photo shoots and timing.

Bob52104 said...

I was referring to a shot from the McNulty sitting --- the one on Roz's desk in Live, Love and Learn is a head-on shot. He's grinning a bit in the one I have, lots of curls. All of the shots are...different.

I placed the shot at '33 mostly because I know of only the one White sitting. IMO he's younger in this shot, slightly less of a receding hairline on the left side of his face, which also seems slimmer. More similar to the 1930 Louise shots, particularly with that quite long collar and no tie pin. Do you know of other White portrait sittings?

I need to do more research on ties, my knowledge there is nada.

Carrie said...

You have me totally beat! I'll have to dig through my Live, Love, Learn shots for that one now.

I have a reprint of the 33 Harvey White and just noticed it's dated Feb 13, 1933. Didn't notice that before.

These two are the only Whites I've seen. The owner of might know more on the dating second photo. I picked up the white from him.

As for the ties, I just use them as a clue in sorting photos. One shot you know is from photographer x, but another may not look like one...but you can tie the tie (literally) background, etc to piece it together. That is until I'm proven wrong on that theory!

Bob52104 said...

Look back to your Dec. 13, 2007 entry for the Live, Love and Learn photo.

Thanks for the White photo date. I don't have physical copies, but I have 3 White photos in my "computer collection." There are two "good" shots, exact same pose but in one he's looking away and in the other directly into the camera.