Friday, August 12, 2011

Question About Eye Witness

Hey fans, Robert posted a question to the blog and I'm at a loss. Can anyone assist? If you know, please post!

Could anyone point me in the right direction? I watched "Eye Witness," loved it and wondered if the site location in England was a studio set or a real village that could be visited. Thanks, Robert.

I thought it was filmed abroad, but can't find where I read that.

And a quick reminder, Eye Witness was released on DVD earlier this year.


Laura said...

Yep, it was filmed at a studio in England. I assume the village was a real location but have no idea where, would love to learn the info! :)

Best wishes,

la peregrina said...

I am sure the movie was filmed in England as IMDB lists it as being filmed at Teddington Studios.

Even if I did not know that I would assume it was made in England as after WW II and through at least the mid 1950's American studios were not allowed to take any movie profits out of the county. This caused them to make a bunch of low budget movies in England using American stars. One of the best is Night And The City staring Richard Widmark.

I have not seen this one (Eye Witness) and am looking forward to doing so.

Debbie said...


I just watched this one again and the opening credits list it as being made at Warner Bros. Studio in Teddington England.

Bob52104 said... states Your Witness was "set against an authentic rural backdrop," but does not provide any more info. Quite a tease, actually.

I do know Bob stayed at Claridge's Hotel in London during the that's a site I'd like to visit!

Carrie said...

Thanks everyone for the info!