Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Robert Montgomery!

Ruth Harriet Louise Portrait
Early Ruth Harriet Louise Portrait

The Big House
The Big House - 1930

They Were Expendable - 1945

Robert Montgomery Presents
Robert Montgomery Presents: The Lost Weekend - 1955


Debbie said...

Carrie, I just received my copy of "MGM:Hollywood's Greatest Backlot" last night. This book does not disappoint. It is fabulous! What's even better is that guess who shows up in a never seen before (by me anyway) still. Danny (alias Bob) standing in front of the "Highland Wool Shop" with bicycle and hatbox, waiting for the film to roll. It made my day! Seriously, it's a great book!

Carrie said...

Debbie: thanks for the note on the book, I will have to check that out. There's been a number of photos I've seen pop up for scenes in the movie that never made it. Makes me wonder if you could ever do a "director's cut" extended edition!

Debbie said...

I actually have a very large photo that has Danny and Dora at a carnival. I assume this was supposed to be the bank holiday that he picked her up and she got pregnant. It shows him tossing rings to try to win a knife (presumably the switchblade seen later). Man! How great would a "director's cut" be!