Monday, March 07, 2011

Millandia Charm

So, when do you figure the last time Ray Milland was on a magazine cover? 50 years ago or so? Voila, TCM Now Playing for April 2011.

Now Playing April 2011

Photo is from Ministry of Fear, the only movie where Nazi spys and cake collide. You'd look scared too if you got sucked into that plot. Anyway, it is a good film and I do recommend . . . with a slice of cake. Watch it April 12.

Oh, and where did this "Millandia charm" thing come from. Tis a Robert Osborne-ism.


Amanda Cooper said...

I'm very excited about Ray being TCM's star of the month for April. Just think: 30 Ray Milland movies - most of which I haven't seen! Until April, I'm enjoying pouring over my copy of Now Playing.

Desiree said...

When I received my April TCM magazine in the mail, I was so thrilled to see Ray on the cover! I just love that man... he's great!

jnpickens said...

I'm so excited about Ray Milland being the TCM star of the month!

Robert Osborne gave a really nice write up about him. Sad how his career ended Milland bitter.