Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Favorites: Night Must Fall

Night Must Fall
A beaut of a photo, and one I haven't seen before. Belated thanks to Debbie for sharing one of her favorites.

Have a fav. Bob photo you want to share? Drop me a comment!


Desiree said...

I really love this photo. Thanks to you and Debbie for sharing.... I hadn't seen it before, either :)

I love a photo from Three Live Ghosts that I have.... and I also adore the photo from Fast and Loose where he is sitting on Rosalind Russell, haha, but I'm sure you've already shared that one :)

Carrie said...

Desiree: Is you're willing to share, send the pics over - I'll post them! classicmontgomery at gmail dot com

Debbie said...

Please Desiree, share your photo from Fast and Loose. I know I've seen that one but I don't have it. I'm a Bob and Roz fanatic!

Carrie said...

Debbie - Desiree sent them over...I'll post this week!