Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ray Milland: April Star of the Month

Via Laura's Miscellaneous Musings, I happily learned that April's TCM Star of the Month will be Ray Milland. Check out Laura's blog for details & schedule info. I was hoping to see Wings Over Honolulu or I Wanted Wings on the list (and countless others). No prob. We'll just have to keep waiting.

The Lost Weekend


Laura said...

Such great news! At least they're showing THE CRYSTAL BALL, I've been looking for it... :) Hope Ray gets more fans as a result of the April schedule!

Thanks for the link!

Best wishes,

Birdy said...

That's marvellous indeed! And thanks for drawing our attention to that obviously rare event on TCM, Laura, I had no idea that Ray was never star of the month before... (the Paramount affiliation, of course) But at last!
"Hope Ray gets more fans as a result of the April schedule!" Well, there are Ray fans here and there, like me for instance, but not organized or with a place where to meet and to celebrate their mutual fanship.
At least April will be a feast for people who have a certain weakness for that guy. Too bad for me that I have no access to American TCM... =(... There are a few Ray movies on schedule I'd love to see. "Close To My Heart" or "Night Into Morning" for example. But one day I'll got them all.
By the way, Carrie, "I Wanted Wings" is still on youtube for the time being...

Carrie said...

Birdy - let me know if TCM is showing any movies you need. I can make a copy for you!