Saturday, November 27, 2010

Classic Stats

I just noticed that Blogger offers stats for the blog, so I had to dig around.

Here's an interesting one . . . most visitors find the blog via the following search keywords.

1.) Joan Crawford

2.) Classic Montgomery

Ray Milland
Seriously, he beat Bob? There must be a pent up demand for Milland photos out there. Someone jump on the opportunity!

4.) Robert Montgomery
OK, I knew he'd show up at some point. No, not LB Mayer. Really, I think they're doing SEO keyword research to help them rank better on the web.

5.) Gloria Stewart (not Stuart)
One photo on the blog and it hits the top five. Wow.


birdy said...

Very interesting to put that stats up, Carrie, the result surprises me too. Have I pushed Bob from place No.1 by looking for Ray's photos on your blog too often...? Sorry. giggle

Carrie said...

Lol! Any traffic or searches to the blog are welcomed Bob, Bob, Ray, or Bob! ;0)