Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picspam: Personal Property (1937)


Debbie said...


OK, so enough R Taylor, lets have more R Montgomery! I noticed TCM has several RM films planned for the next three months. WHOOPEE! By the way, I saw a great candid picture of RM talking to Harlow. He's wearing sunglasses. Be still my heart! LOL (yeah, I know, I'm hooked bad.)


Anonymous said...

RM knew Harlow?? I had no idea!

Amanda Cooper said...

Loving the Robert Taylor picspams!

Personal Property was such a fun movie.

Debbie said...

You forget what a close little family MGM lead players were. Most of them worked together at some point in their careers (although, not RM and Harlow). Also, RM was president of the Screen Actors Guild several times. I'm sure he knew just about everyone casually.