Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home is the Sailor

After four years of combat service in South Pacific and European war zones, Lieutenant Commander Robert Montgomery has been placed on the Navy’s inactive duty list and is resuming his screen career. First day he doffed his uniform for civilian clothes, Montgomery visited Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. He spent the afternoon at his home renewing friendships, conferring with department heads, and preparing for his starring role in “They Were Expendable”, a picturization of W.L. White’s best seller.

In his dressing room, Montgomery catches up on some vital personal correspondence. Two weeks after his return to films, Navy awarded the actor the bronze star for meritorious service during combat duty.


Laura said...

Love this!!

Happy New Year,

stellypippin said...

You know, he could be writing the grocery list, for all you know!

Carrie said...

True....or it could be: "Dear Stelly..." ;0P

stellypippin said...

Hahahahahaha - yeah, writing a letter to me, requesting me to stop stalking him!