Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Love of the Week (and probably longer)

George Brent & Barbara Stanwyck in Baby Face

Quick, someone get me a DVD box set or a book or something. Recently watched George paired up with Barbara Stanwyck in The Purchase Price and My Reputation - gah, love the couple.


Kate Gabrielle said...

That's funny, I just watched My Reputation too. Aren't they fantastic? I wish they made more films together.

stellypippin said...

Ah, finally am able to catch up, eee!!!! *hugs your blog*

And I never really put Missy and George, and I've never seen them together - sooooo, you've piqued my interest, ha ha! I'm done with midterms, so I think I'll do that this weekend and check those two out :D

Carrie said...

Kate Gabrielle: How'd you like the end? I didn't care for how they ended My Reputation - but really Im not surprised!

Stelly: *Hug* back :0)
Go out & rent some precodes!

Classic Maiden said...

Yes, they had great chemistry :D

Laura said...

I love both the movies you mentioned...great photo. :)

Best wishes,