Tuesday, May 12, 2009

But Are the Warner Archive DVDs Any Good?

Update: Appears TCM is selling most titles for $17.99. Might be worth doing the math with shipping & tax.

On the edge about buying DVDs from the new Warner Archive (like me)? Check out the Home Theater Forum Warner Archive DVD Review thread for user reviews on titles.

And related, the latest wave of releases from the archive is now available.


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Considering that each title sells for $20.00, the quality leaves a little to be desired. I see that they have "Johnny Eager"--it's on my most-requested list--but I don't know...seems like too much to pay. I hope WB Archives doesn't do a film I really love! (I'm think of the "Fast" series).

Kate Gabrielle said...

I'm with C.K. Dexter Haven-- I think $20 is a little much for a DVR with no extras, however... I've been avoiding looking at their list of films now, because I'm afraid that the $20 price tag will be redundant when I see a title I'm desperate to own! I'd say, if you must have one of them- go for it!

Cliff Aliperti said...

I agree it's pricey, but man, it's hard to not buy! I paid $40 and change for 3 of the Warner Archives titles a couple of weeks ago, which included a $5.95 shipping charge and $2+ NY State Sales Tax.

They were running a sale on select titles at $14.95 (which I assume is something they'll do from time to time), plus I had a Buy 1-Get 1 Free coupon. Not sure if it still works or not, but the code I used was: SPITFIREEven if that's expired though, once again worth noting that it may be worthwhile to search for coupons.

Hope that info at least helps out some!

Thanks, Cliff

Carrie said...

I'm iffy on being too critical of the $20 price. Personally, I'm too cheap to pay that (today that is, ask again tomorrow). Perhaps my beef sits with shipping charges.

Overall, I give props to WB for the concept. I consider my $ as a vote for them to continue this project & bring out more films.

And Cliff: Discounts?! I get their email updates but they never work for the Archive collection. Hmm, the hunt begins!

la peregrina said...

I'm not happy with the price either but when I saw The Big House was listed I was tempted to buy. Then I read this review of the DVD:


and decided to wait.

Since, for me, quality is more important that price (within reason, of course) I'm not sure if these are worth it.

Carrie said...

la peregrina: Heard the same about The Big House....bummer...