Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hollow Brook Farm

If there was ever going to be a site for a Robert Montgomery fan gathering, this might be it.

Hollow Brook Farm, in the Canaan Valley in Connecticut, was one of the residences of Bob and his second wife Elisabeth "Buffy" Harkness.

From HollowBrookFarm.net:
Welcome to Hollow Brook Farm, a privately owned, Connecticut Land Trusted "gentleman's farm" in historic Canaan Valley. Originally an 18th Century land grant and for many years the country estate of the actor Robert Montgomery, Hollow Brook Farm encompasses over two hundred acres of fields and woods of exceptional beauty with a classically styled and furnished main house of noted architectural merit.

Digging a bit further, a cottage on the land is available for seasonal rental. Photos and details are available here.

It appears that the entire estate went up for sale or sold in 2003 for $2.8 million, less than the asking price of $3.5 million. Information on the sale of the farm, including many photos, can be found online.


Tracy said...

Gee--we should set up a RM convention there, that would be a gas. A seance..champagne cocktails..

Carrie said...

I'll bring the vodka

Tracy said...

Martinis!! I'll do the vermouth and olives. Now if we could only find a Bob lookalike...

Carrie said...

A lookalike...now there's an interesting thought!

stellypippin said...

Ha ha!!! It's like our Mecca now,lmao!!!

I'm looking at the pictures - it's beautiful, really idyllic. Thanks for sharing the links :D