Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Twelve O'Clock High

Two things related to the film Twelve O'Clock High recently caught my eye.

First, there's a new book out on the film and the television show of the same name (The 12 O'Clock High Logbook). Talk about detail. I've only read a bit of one of the chapters, but it's interesting stuff - if you're into the little production & promotion details of a movie.

If I can add a side-note, the book did mention Robert Montgomery was considered for the role of Gen. Frank Savage (along with 1/2 of Hollywood: James Cagney, Dana Andrews, Ralph Bellamy, Van Heflin, Burt Lancaster, Lloyd Nolan, Edmund O'Brien, Robert Preston, and Robert Young). As much as I love Bob, I just don't think it would have been his style - which also was the thought of the studio given who they chose. Gregory Peck truly nailed the role of Gen. Savage.

Second, Fox reissued Twelve O'Clock High on DVD as a "Special Edition." To be honest, I think the only thing that makes this edition "special" is that they seem to have shaved 10 years off of Gregory Peck's face in the box artwork. Oh, and there's cool little postcard-like reproductions of lobby cards in the box too.

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stellypippin said...

Bob as Gen. Frank Savage? Somehow doesn't fit, I agree. But wow, quite a list there :D

Thanks for this info :D