Thursday, June 28, 2007

TCM Bob Schedule for July

For TCM US - check your local listings for the exact time - these are Eastern times.

Saturday 21

3:30 a.m.
Private Lives (1931)
A divorced couple rekindles the spark after landing in adjoining honeymoon suites with new mates. Cast: Norma Shearer, Robert Montgomery, Una Merkel. Dir: Sidney Franklin

Also of interest...

5 a.m.
Complicated Women (2003)
Documentary that looks at the phenomenon of "pre-code women" during the years 1929-1934. Cast: Narrated by Jane Fonda. Dir: Hugh Munro Neely

Monday 23

3:30 a.m.
Three Loves Has Nancy (1938)
A country girl follows the man who jilted her to the big city, where she finds two new suitors. Cast: Janet Gaynor, Robert Montgomery, Franchot Tone. Dir: Richard Thorpe


stellypippin said...

I have yet to see Three Loves Has Nancy - and I love Private Lives - it's just so funny :D

Carrie said...

Make sure you catch 3 Loves! Bob & Franchot are a fun watch.

Editor said...

Thank you for the heads-up, Carrie--we'll be watching the Bob movies!

Raquelle said...

I have seen clips of Private Lives and it looks very good. I have numerous reminders for myself to tape that one.

Just stumbled upon your site. Very nice!