Monday, June 25, 2007

He Particularly Despises Pretentiousness...

Slick copy from a 1950 Williams Shaving Products ad:

Here are 10 Robert Montgomerys. Don't be misled by that easy-going look -- it disguises one of the most versatile dynamos of our time. Stump speaking for his chosen candidates . . . and an allergy for syndicated gambling, blackmailers, and insolence . . . have kept the Montgomery blood circulating nicely. Stubborn, he has a formidable reputation for getting his man. He particularly despises pretentiousness. And his wit can be devastating.

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How the ad copy goes from this to how Williams Lectric Shave, Aqua Velva, and misc shaving products can make you look younger...well, that's another post.


Editor said...

What a brilliant find! Great ad-copy.

Thanks for the view.

bantaskin said...

Citizen Bob and a close shave? Crazy ad! Nice collage, though. I love the bigger pic with him sporting the bowler hat.

stellypippin said...

I would have so much fun with lots of Bobs. One Bob here, one Bob there, lol *grin*