Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Radio Style - The Count of Monte Cristo

It's February 2, 1939 and you're about to listen to The Count of Monte Cristo on the Lux Radio Theater. Tonight's presentation includes Robert Montgomery as Edmond Dantes, Josephine Hutchinson as Mercedes, and Lloyd Nolan as Danglars.

One Hour - 13 MB

And when you're done listening, hop in the car & go see Fast and Loose - it's playing at the local theater.

With this post, I'm out of Bob radio shows. There's still more - it's just a matter of locating them or discovering if they're lost.


Anna said...

Very sad this is the last Bob show, I've been a loyal fan ;)

Of the topic, but do you know what's happened to Simply Classics? Shame if all those great pictures were lost forever...

Carrie said...

There's a lot more shows I need to dig up - I think I'll post a list to see if anyone has them.

The SC board is still there - apparently the domain was accidentally not renewed. Uhm, whoops. We'll see how that works out.