Friday, September 01, 2006

Ray Milland? Where?

Found this interesting blurb on TCM's web site about The Mystery of Mr. X - the Ray Milland part caught my eye:

Some casting notes: Montgomery's daughter Elizabeth, who would find fame 35 years later as Samantha in TV's Bewitched, was born just months before filming began. Montgomery was married at the time to Elizabeth Bryan Allen - no relation to this film's leading lady, Elizabeth Allan. Contrary to popular belief, Ray Milland is not in The Mystery of Mr. X. He is listed in extended printed credits (as Raymond Milland) so it is possible he had a bit part which was left on the cutting room floor. The Mystery of Mr. X was remade in 1952 as The Hour of 13, starring Peter Lawford.

I've got to admin, it would have been cool if Ray had a larger part in the film. It's my opinion he was at his best in his mystery & noir-ish type films.

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