Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Poor Herbert

Time magazine has some real gems of articles & snippets with Bob. I plan to root around & see what I can find & share. This one brought about a smile:

Feb. 2, 1942

Lieut. Robert Montgomery, U.S.N.R., walked into the lobby of Washington's Mayflower Hotel, encountered a force of pen-waving ladies with autograph books. Unmolested, unnoticed was a bystander, Herbert Hoover.

I never imagined I'd read the words "unmolested" and "Herbert Hoover" in the same sentence (not that I thought - well - nevermind). Guess Herbert didn't want Bob's autograph.

Them darn fangirls again...

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stellypippin said...

Maybe the Herbert Hoover fangirls are more quieter than Bob's fangirls? LOL