Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh Yeah, I Left That At Home

Today was a semi-annual movie collectibles show at a local bowling alley hall. I think I spoke of the same beer-tinged ambiance back in Spring. Today was slightly more productive on the Bob front...slightly.

One dealer combined all of his materials into one "Liz & Robert Montgomery" folder. *Sigh* Nothing at all.

There's another dealer that I always get a kick out of. She has piles of large manila folders, one per actor/actress, stuffed full of scrapbook-type photos and articles. I kindly asked, "do you have anything for Robert Montgomery or Robert Young?" She replied, "yes, they're in alphabetical order." After digging through the piles she asked again if I found anything. "You know, I left three boxes at home..." You'd think she'd remember the annoying Bob fangirl after all these shows.

Anyhow, I'll follow up with some scans of what I picked up later on. I'll tell ya this. When an 8x10 is $2 compared to $20 on ebay, I tend to pick up anything that catches my eye!

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