Friday, September 22, 2006

More From Honolulu

Exhibit A: Suitcoat turned to shreds after one meeting with fangirls.

George & Gracie

I love how this scene was framed in the camera. Brooks is getting analyzed for wanting to go back to Honolulu - but it's really George (why would Brooks want to go to Hawaii?)

What's better than one Robert Young? Two.

They tried sneaking George (as Brooks) out of the hospital in a casket. It really didn't work out. He was smoking in the casket & when they saw the smoke coming out, well, you get the idea.

At the shipboard party - Gracie, as Mae West, with two Grouchos & the rest of the pseudo Marx Bros.

Brooks playing George being Leopold Stokowski


stellypippin said...

I'm intrigued by this movie now!

Carrie said...

Drop me a note offline - I can get you this one & whatever else

stellypippin said...

Awww, very sweet of you, thanks :)

la peregrina said...

I loved this movie. As you pointed out, it has twice the Robert Young, Eleanor Powell (when she was a little girl my mother's only goal in life was to be Eleanor Powell when she grew-up), and Gracie Allen. Gracie Allen was a delight in this movie. Before this I had only see her in reruns of the old Burns and Allen TV show and since I was never a huge fan of George Burns I did not appreciate Gracie’s abilities as a comedian. In this movie she was not only funny and beautiful but also, I thought, a talented singer. That Honolulu number she did was very cute.

Carrie said...

This was the first Gracie film I've seen - her skit with the pseudo-Marx Bros. was really cute. She certainly has her own style!

Carrie said...
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