Friday, September 22, 2006

I'd be a Brooks Mason Fan

Brooks who? Hold on a sec...

Attention world. I have a new movie for my favorites list - 1939's Honolulu. Why might you ask? Well, let me give you a quick rundown:
  1. The cast: Robert Young, Eleanor Powell, Gracie Allen, George Burns
  2. The story: Brooks Mason is a Hollywood actor all the girls are mad about. Whenever he comes in contact with fangirls, they literally rip his clothes off and attack him to the point of hospitalization. Then there's George Smith. Poor guy looks just like Brooks & gets mobbed just the same. Brooks & George meet & decide to switch lives for a bit. George owns a pineapple plantation in Hawaii and Brooks just wants a vacation away. Yeah, there's more to it - get a synopsis here.
  3. Scenes with both Brooks & George (ahh, 1939 movie technology...)
  4. Eleanor Powell sure knows how to cut a rug - her *famous* hula scene is in this flick.
  5. The "Dress as your favorite star" party on the cruise. Young playing Smith playing Stokowski. Multiple Groucho Marx's (and the rest of the Bros.), the poor guys playing W.C. Fields & Clark Gable (where do all these people get their props in the middle of the Pacific Ocean)?
  6. Just the thought of warm, tropical weather in a 1930s setting

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