Monday, August 14, 2006

Murder in the Fleet

I like old Navy films from the 1930's. You know, the Admiral boards the ship and it looks like he's a carry over from the Revolutionary war. Gold fringe shoulder boards and the Captain Crunch style hat. All the other officers on board look like they've caught up with the times but him.

Anyway, Murder in the Fleet is a 1935 *mystery* film which takes place aboard the USS Carolina, a battleship. The crew needs to install a new top secret fire control system for one of the guns, and one by one, cast & crew are murdered. And it isn't just the crew on board, there's civilian visitors (and girlfriends) & Japanese dignitaries. Until they find the murderer, everyone's stuck on board.

The movie isn't any masterpiece, but it's an entertaining mystery. The film stars a very young Robert Taylor, but forget him. I enjoyed watching the "comic relief" between Ted Healy and Nat Pendleton.

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