Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bob ... And the Ever Present Ladies

Love my clippings ... cheap!!  And they are just so seldom available in the original photo form.  I mean how else are you going to find a photo of Preston Foster, Eddie Adams, Bob, Una Merkel and James Gleason!  The photo was taken at the 1937 Screen Actors Guild Ball.  (Does anyone know who Eddie Adams was?  Did she perhaps have a position in the union?  Can't find anything on her on IMDB.  Bugs me when I can't identify someone!) 

And a photo of Robert Young, Gertrude Niesen, Frank Morgan, Rita Johnson and Bob ... well, maybe not priceless.  The cheery group is singing in celebration of Frank Morgan's 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Now this is obviously an MGM public relations photo.  Young, Morgan, Johnson and Bob are all MGM contract players.  They would know each other and were probably at the studio working that day.  But...Gertrude Niesen?  She was a singer that made a few movie appearances at other studios, never worked for MGM.  Did they hire a singer so some one in the group could carry a tune?  (Sorry, Bob, an unkind remark in deed.)

And, lastly, a still from Night Must Fall (1937) with Dame May Whitty.  Just look at that face, that smile.  Want to share some chocolates, my dear, dear Danny?  


Hannah said...

I think that 'Eddie Adams' might actually be Eadie Adams. I remember looking her up after I saw her singing in After the Thin Man as she seemed familiar. Turns out I was wrong - she only appeared in a few films - but she stuck in my mind due to the obvious similarity in name to the later actress. There are a few photos of her if you Google. It certainly looks like her.

Kathy said...


Oh, very, very good. Great catch. A steel trap of a mind for trivia ... I remember those days (sort of)! By the way, welcome to the blog! Always great to "meet" another Bob fan.